Jacksonville Jaguars continue to increase in value under Shahid Khan

BALTIMORE, MD - DECEMBER 14: Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shahid Khan looks on before a game against the Baltimore Ravens at M
BALTIMORE, MD - DECEMBER 14: Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shahid Khan looks on before a game against the Baltimore Ravens at M /

The Jacksonville Jaguars don’t win much, but they have been winning where it matters: the bottom line.

Forbes is neither pro-Jacksonville Jaguars nor anti-Jacksonville Jaguars, but they continue to deliver good news to a team that seldom has any. For all of the losses surrounding the team and the small market in Jacksonville, the Jags continue to find a way to create value.

In the 2017 sports franchise rankings by Forbes, the Jaguars come in at 42nd in the world with a valuation of $1.95 billion. That represents a one-year change of 32 percent.

To put this in perspective a bit, among the top-50 most valuable sports franchises the Jaguars are a more valuable franchise than the Kansas City Chiefs ($1.88 billion), Cleveland Browns ($1.85 billion), Tampa Bay Buccaneers ($1.8 billion), and New Orleans Saints ($1.75 billion). Outside the NFL, the Jaguars are also more valuable than soccer clubs Chelsea ($1.845 billion) and Arsenal ($1.93 billion), as well as MLB franchises the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim ($1.75 billion) and St. Louis Cardinals ($1.85 billion) and the Brooklyn Nets of the NBA ($1.8 billion).

This is incredibly impressive for a small market team like the Jaguars. There is no excuse for the Angels and Nets, coming from the two largest media markets in the nation, to be less valuable than a team that has barely managed to stay competitive in the NFL while still being a small market.

The credit for this, of course, belongs to Jags owner Shahid Khan and the incredible team has assembled to lead the franchise. This stretches far beyond the field.

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Under Khan, the Jaguars have jumped from just $770 million when Khan bought the team in 2012 to $1.95 billion. From investments in the stadium – including a new venue for entertainment and the largest video boards in the NFL – to more competitive practices to drive fans to the stadium, Khan has been willing to shake things up to find value. And he has clearly succeeded.

While being a part of the NFL is still a major driver in franchise value growth for the Jaguars, few franchises have been as adept at capitalizing on the valuable market that the NFL offers for teams.

As the Jags continue to innovate, expect the team to continue to climb the rankings. The Tennessee Titans, Arizona Cardinals and Carolina Panthers are all within striking distance ($125 million) of the Jags in value.