Marcedes Lewis Deserves One Last Playoff Run


Entering his 12th season with the Jacksonville Jaguars, time is running out for Marcedes Lewis

It is no secret that Marcedes Lewis is nearing the end of his NFL career. Despite being one of the oldest active players at his position, Lewis is still competing head-on against guys who weren’t even old enough to be in high school by the time he was drafted in 2006. He is a part of only a small handful of players drafted in 2006 who are still on active NFL rosters.

In 11 seasons with the Jacksonville Jaguars, Lewis has seen only one playoff appearance with the Jaguars in 2007. Since then he has been a part of eight losing seasons.

His age as well as his recent calf injury in November of 2016 has had many fans wondering just how much longer he is going to hold out. In 2010 Marcedes had a career high of 700 receiving yards as well as a pro bowl, but since then he has been on the decline; only getting 169 yards in 2016. With guys like Antonio gates (37 years old) still competing in the NFL, perhaps it is possible that Marcedes might be able to crank out a couple more years or so.

He has seen the team at it’s best, and at its worst. He has been a part of the organization longer than any other players, all of the coaches, and even the owner. Lewis has stuck with the team thick and thin, rain or shine. Many names, players and coaches alike have come and gone through the franchise over the last several years, but Marcedes isn’t one of them. If anybody on the roster deserves to see a playoff run, it’s Marcedes Lewis. He hasn’t given up on the Jaguars, and it seems the Jaguars aren’t quite ready to give up on him either.

Whenever his career comes to an end, I have no doubt his name will be up there with Mark Brunell, Fred Taylor, Jimmy Smith, and many others who went down as Jacksonville greats. I would really love to see him finish off his career with the Jaguars on a good note, especially after all the turmoil he has been through over the last several years. Heading into the 2017 season, I am very optimistic.

If the Jacksonville Jaguars have one shot to make a playoff run, it’s now.