Can Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles add to the run game?


Will Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles be able to add another dimension to the running game?

The Jags have been busy this season making moves to bolster the ground attack. Adding Branden Albert and Cam Robinson helped bolster the offensive line. First round pick Leonard Fournette will help add top talent to the running backs. Could another answer for the recent rushing woes come in the form of Blake Bortles?

A quote from head coach Doug Marrone from this June ninth when he was asked by a reporter how often he wanted Bortles to throw stated:

"“For me, I like to run the ball every play,” Marrone also said “None. Zero. I want to go back to the old way. I want to change the game.”"

This quote highlights a commitment to the running game that the Jags haven’t had in recent years. With a focus on the ground game the Jags should use Bortles as a factor.

Over his NFL tenure Bortles has often been able to use legs to find success. While his longest rush has been thirty four yards he does have an impressive six yard average over his career. Over his career Bortles has also had success with the read option. With defenses focused on Fournette a Bortles rush could help keep opposing defenses honest.

Another option for the Jags could use Bortles in situations near the goal line. His season total in touchdowns is limited to three but this could increase this coming season. If the Jags ever end up near the goal line this season keep an eye out for Bortles to rush a few times.

As the Jags get ready for the upcoming season, a commitment to the run seems fresh and welcomed. Through situational use the Jags will be able to add another dimension to the running game with Blake Bortles.