Jacksonville Jaguars Free Agency 2017: 5 quarterbacks to consider

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4) Ryan Nassib, quarterback, New York Giants

Jacksonville Jaguars executive vice president for football operations Tom Coughlin brought Ryan Nassib into the NFL, drafting him in the fourth round of the 2013 NFL Draft while head coach of the New York Giants. Current Jags head coach Doug Marrone and current offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett had the same roles with Syracuse when Nassib was there.

To say there are connections for Nassib to come to Jacksonville would be an understatement. No other team, even the Giants, likely have as much of a connection to Nassib as the Jaguars do.

Still, that doesn’t mean this will be a lock. Nassib may not be an upgrade over Brandon Allen or Chad Henne, though he does represent a more known entity to the Jags front office and coaching staff. Whether he is the desirable young quarterback to push Blake Bortles remains to be seen.

First Coast News’ Mike Kaye makes a compelling case for Nassib and cites him as the veteran quarterback to pursue. Kaye knows that veteran is a generous term, though, even putting veteran in quotes. In his time with the Giants, Nassib has just 10 pass attempts. He has sat behind Eli Manning who is a winner through and through, but how much he has gained during his NFL tenure remains to be seen.

While Nassib makes logical sense in terms of connections to the Jaguars, it’s tough to imagine he’ll be the guy if the Jaguars want to bring someone in. He simply doesn’t have a real track record yet and the Jags would have to be certain he could be the guy if they brought him down to Florida.