Jacksonville Jaguars Free Agency 2017: 5 quarterbacks to consider

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2) Mike Glennon, backup quarterback for Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Once thought to be one of the better young quarterbacks with a bright future, Mike Glennon has seen his time passed by. Brought into the NFL as a third round pick in 2013, Glennon has only started in 18 games and the Tampa Buccaneers moved onto other options after just five games in his sophomore campaign.

Without a single start to his name in 2015 and 2016, Glennon is going nowhere fast. Jameis Winston is the guy for the Bucs and Glennon’s career down in Tampa is going nowhere fast.

Less proven than many other options, Glennon still has some of the potential linger around him that made him a starter as a rookie in 2013. He has a 59.4 completion percentage for his career, has 30 touchdowns to 15 interceptions, and a career rating of 84.6.

Erik Lambert of NFL Mocks was high on Glennon in his free agent profile of him:

"Glennon is not some sideshow. He has shown he can play well when given proper help around him. He’s shown a capacity for handling NFL defenses, doesn’t shrink in the face of a pass rush and can deliver strikes down the field."

While Glennon is mostly unproven, he is the kind of young player with talent that can be used to push Blake Bortles for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Glennon, with some work, could be a starter in the NFL again and that potential may keep Bortles on his toes.