Should the Jacksonville Jaguars Enter The Jimmy Garoppolo Sweepstakes?


The Jacksonville Jaguars are definitely positive that Blake Bortles is their quarterback, but what if they won the Jimmy Garoppolo sweepstakes?

Jacksonville Jaguars general manager Dave Caldwell has glowing words concerning  Blake Bortles. But Bortles has an 11-34 record as the Jaguars starting quarterback. Due to Bortles’ regression in 2016, Jacksonville might want to enter the Jimmy Garoppolo sweepstakes.

Bortles was the third overall selection in the 2014 NFL draft. He has thrown for 11,241 yards with a 58.8% completion rate. While throwing 69 touchdown passes, Bortles has 51 interceptions.

Garoppolo was the 62nd overall pick by the New England Patriots in 2014.He has thrown for 690 yards with a 67% completion rate. While throwing five touchdown passes, Garoppolo has thrown zero interceptions. He plays behind the greatest quarterback of all time.

Garoppolo is available for the right price, so says New England. Jacksonville should consider entering the sweepstakes. What would the Jaguars have to give up in that trade? Trent Dilfer suggests trading the farm for Garopplo on Which assets could Jacksonville trade away?

Three Options That Jacksonville Could Use To Win The Jimmy Garropolo Sweepstakes.

First. Jacksonville could offer Brandon Allen and Rashad Greene. Allen will not get an opportunity to play as long as Bortles can breathe. Greene would upgrade New England’s speed at wide receiver. Probably not going to happen and may not meet the right price for the Patriots.

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Second, T.J. Yeldon and Aaron Colvin given to New England for Garoppolo and a middle round draft pick. T.J. Yeldon would thrive in that offense. Colvin would strengthen their secondary. Jacksonville could draft a cornerback. Still, don’t expect that trade to happen. Colvin and Yeldon may be good, but they likely aren’t franchise quarterback good.

Third, the Jaguars should offer Bortles and their fourth overall pick. Garoppolo has two Super Bowl rings. Allen Robinsons and Garoppolo would be a dynamic duo leading the Jacksonville offense. This deal probably won’t happen either but why not make an offer?

Actually there are only a few current Jaguars that are untouchable. Jalen Ramsey is one, Bortles is not. If the Jaguars are to get better, there are moves that have to be made.  Jacksonville has to try to win the sweepstakes.