Jacksonville Jaguars new structure: “This thing can work” and it needs to


“This thing can work” and it absolutely needs to or it may be back to the drawing board for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The new regime shift for the Jacksonville Jaguars may look like a lot of the same with Doug Marrone at head coach and Nathaniel Hackett and Todd Wash returning as offensive and defensive coordinators, respectively. Yet the whole dynamic has shifted with Tom Coughlin brought into the mix as the new executive vice president of football operations.

On Jaguars.com Live, Charley Casserly came out in favor of what the Jags are doing, mentioning that “this thing can work” during the conversation. Writing about it afterward, Jags senior writer John Oehser mentions that Casserly believes in the Jaguars and the difference will “almost certainly be positive.”

That’s the kind of endorsement that the Jags need at this time. With NFL.com’s Gil Brandt also coming out saying he has faith in offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett and he can fix quarterback Blake Bortles, early indicators are that the Jags may be making the right decisions.

This is important for a team that has been dysfunctional in recent years. Coughlin is already taking the prudent measures he now has responsibility for and it’s providing a measure of stability for the team that is crucial to developing a winner.

But it isn’t just that things are moving in the right direction. Casserly’s praise aside, the Jags absolutely need this new structure to work. If Coughlin, general manager Dave Caldwell, and head coach Doug Marrone can’t right the ship (they have matching three-year deals now) then the team will have to go back to the drawing board. The long rebuild the franchise has already suffered through will all be for naught.

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If that happens it will simply prolong the misery for Jags fans and cement the legacy of the Jags as a bottom feeder in a modern NFL that is designed for parity. The moves seem to be right (at least for now) and the moves are prudent and bringing a sense of calm and progress, but they mask a sense of urgency and desperation. Owner Shad Khan needs the new regime to succeed or the small market Jags are only going to get smaller.

It’s tough to build a winning team in the NFL but it appears the Jacksonville Jaguars have the right pieces in place. The team is starting to get recognition for it and may finally be taking the right steps to return to relevance.


Hopefully it doesn’t take too long.