The Road To The Playoffs Begins This Week In Chicago!


If the Jacksonville Jaguars are to make the post season, their road record had better improve.  Since 2013, the Jaguars have only won four times on the road!

Jacksonville Jaguars Head Coach Gus Bradley inherited a 2-14 football team in 2013.  The Jaguars talent has improved on the field because of drafting near the top each year.  However, the won-loss record since then, has barely improved.  The glaring fact is that the Jaguars have not won games on the road.

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San Diego

, week two of the season, the Jaguars were

totally demolished

on the field.  The final score was 38-14 but Jacksonville scored their 14 points in the fourth quarter after trailing 35-0.

San Diego has not won

a game since crushing the Jaguars!

What happened in San Diego?  What has happened to Jacksonville on the road since 2013?

In Bradley’s first season, Jacksonville won three road games – at Cleveland, at Houston and at Tennessee. The next year in 2014, the Jaguars did not win a road game.  Last year, they defeated Baltimore in that wild and crazy finish.  This year, zero wins inside the United States, so far.

Jacksonville’s Future Road Games Can Be Won.

Sunday, the Jaguars travel to Chicago for a must win game, back towards a .500 record for the season.  The Chicago Bears have struggled this season and seem to be losing focus.  The Jaguars are the better team with the better talent.  Jacksonville must decisively win this game from start to finish.

Week eight, Jacksonville travels to Tennessee for a Thursday night national televised game.  This divisional matchup determines AFC Championship mettle, do the Jaguars have it?  They have not won in Tennessee since 2013?  Winning road games lead to the playoffs.

November sixth in Kansas City will be a tough one to win.  If the playoffs and the Super Bowl are where your journey leads, you have to find a way to win.  By the way, Kansas City is not invincible at Arrowhead Stadium.

Weeks eleven and twelve find the Jaguars playing in Detroit and Buffalo, respectively.  By this time the Jaguars should be in full pursuit of the playoffs.  Winning these games along with winning all the  divisional games, Jacksonville can safely say that they have turned the corner and are becoming a force in the AFC.

Playoff teams take control of their destiny, therefore it is time for the Jacksonville Jaguars to take control and win games on the road!