Can the Jacksonville Jaguars Find Success in London?


Since the start of the 2016 season the Jacksonville Jaguars have yet to find a win. While London is technically a home game it is 4,252 miles away. Who knows maybe the change of scenery will do the team some good.

While historically the Jacksonville Jaguars have gone 1-2 during their London excursion the lone win did come last season. Hopefully able to build off that momentum and confidence the team faces its most urgent test this weekend. Headed into this weeks game the Jags take on division rival Indianapolis Colts (1-2).

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The Jags currently sit at the bottom of the AFC south. Getting a win against the Colts will help the team get out from the bottom of the division. Starting 0-3 doesn’t offer much hope for the rest of the season. However if the Jags can start winning division games it will be a good way to get back on track. Here are some ways the Jags can turn it around in London

Reduce the turnovers

If the team wants to leave London with a win the most obvious improvement will have to come from Blake Bortles. Over his first three games he has thrown 6 interceptions, including two last week in the fourth quarter that help the ravens regain the lead. Reducing turnovers was a point of emphasis all off-season. While two of these interceptions came from tipped balls the fact is his decisions have to be better in order for the team to win. Look this weekend for Bortles to be more in control of his decision making.

Get the run game involved

Chris Ivory came back from his previous absence and gained a total of 14 yards. He needs to be more effective than that. Granted he was running behind a bit of a hodgepodge offensive line with injuries to Brandon Linder and Kelvin Beachum.  These injuries have been a big reason the Jaguars are ranked 31 in the league in rushing. Getting the running game back on track should be a priority for the Jags. The colts are only averaging 72 yards allowed through three weeks. It would be good sign if the team can establish the run early. This weekend the Jags should lean on the run game to help take pressure off of Bortles. If the running backs can break away for over 100 yards then I think the Jags have a good shot at winning the game.

Keep playing the young defensive players

The play of the defensive rookies Dante Fowler, Yannick Ngakoue, and Jalen Ramsey has been electric. While these players are still learning and adjusting to the NFL game it has been exciting watching them play this season. Fowler and Ngakoue have shown talent forcing strip sacks and the ability to disrupt the quarter back the future looks bright for the young defensive ends. These three players factor heavily into the success of the defense. Keeping them focused and ready for the game has to be a top priority in order to get a win this Sunday.  It would also be nice if we get a Myles Jack siting this weekend.

The Jaguars have under-performed to start the season. While this annual trip to London won’t define the season, getting a win would go a long way for the team. If the turnovers can be reduced, the run game gets involved, and the young rookies continue to grow then I believe the Jags will come back to the sates with their first win of 2016.