Jacksonville Jaguars defense to be ‘unpredictable’ under Todd Wash


The Jacksonville Jaguars defense has been anything but inspiring over the last few seasons, but new defensive coordinator Todd Wash aims to change that.

On almost any given play, you can expect the Jacksonville Jaguars defense to rush just four players and drop linebackers and secondary players into coverage that is not necessarily complex.

Well, at least you could over the last few seasons. Predictably, opposing offensive coordinators could game plan around that predictability and let their quarterback go to work.

The Jags’ defense has finished 29th, 22nd, and 25th against the pass over the last three seasons. They’ve been among the worst in the NFL as an overall defense, allowing the opposition to execute their game plan rather than taking the fight to them and forcing the offense to play to the defense’s strengths and tone.

Talking about the defense to the team’s site, new defensive coordinator Todd Wash said, “It’s not complicated. But it has to seem complicated.” He went further, specifically referencing the quarterbacks that are able to pick apart the Jags’ defense:

"We have to work on disguises. We have to make sure everything looks the same and play different things. It’s those little tiny details that are so important for this package to work. – Jacksonville Jaguars DC Todd Wash"

It’s time for the Jaguars to improve on defense – a speciality under head coach Gus Bradley – and become at least competent in limiting what offenses can impose on the unit. If that means different looks, different schemes, or anything else, then I’m all for it. Wash has been around Bradley for years and has been with the Jags under unsuccessful defenses. He knows what needs to change.

It’s important to note that Wash, who said the scheme wasn’t broken, is entering his new DC role with his eyes open. He isn’t a “true believer” in something simply because he has been around it before. He knows that the defense isn’t perfect, and it’s promising that he’s already speaking out about how it can be improved.

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Now he needs to back up what he said. Until the preseason and, more likely, the regular season, we probably won’t get to see what Wash really envisions. That said, anything is better than what the Jags have been getting over the last few seasons.