Arian Foster would pair well with T.J. Yeldon and Jaguars


Arian Foster’s time with the Houston Texans seems to be coming to an end and it would be wise for the Jacksonville Jaguars to try and bring the longtime rival’s running back to the black and teal.

With the rumors circulating that Arian Foster is likely to be released by the Houston Texans, it’s important to start considering what’s next for the stud, oft-injured running back.

The Texans essentially ran Foster into the ground, as noted by writer Jesse Reed. As a result, we’ve seen one of the best backs in the business rarely take the field, including missing 12 games in the 2015 season. Reed noted that Foster would do well to resurrect his career carrying behind a young, workhorse back, saying:

"Perhaps, if given a lesser role on a team that features a strong, young running back, Foster could have a resurgent season in 2016. It just won’t likely be with the Texans."

The Jacksonville Jaguars, bereft of talent behind rookie running back T.J. Yeldon, could use a serious upgrade in the backfield. There may be no better player to complement a young workhorse like Yeldon than somebody who can act as a mentor and still break big gains when he is able to take the field.

This would be a prudent move by general manager Dave Caldwell, especially if he is able to convince Foster – who I imagine would still want to see significant touches – that coming to Jacksonville to mentor and complement a back like Yeldon is a the next best career move.

Sure, this sounds like a bit of dreaming (it is) but at this stage of the offseason game, it’s all about speculation. Whether Foster ends up suiting up for the Texans (which appears unlikely) or strikes a pie in sky deal with the Jaguars (who have tons of money to spend), the idea of having a back of Foster’s caliber to help out is almost mouth watering.

The Jags clearly need help behind Yeldon. Denard Robinson shows flashes but struggled with fumbles in the 2015 season, Toby Gerhart is clearly a free agent bust, Bernard Pierce could barely rumble for a yard or two on any given down, and only the young Corey Grant looks to have the quickness to turn into something.

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With plenty of cap space to eat into, expect the Jags to try and address the depth issues at the running back position. They could likely find no better than Arian Foster.