Did Julius Thomas meet expectations in 2015? [POLL]


Julius Thomas was the big free agent splash for the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2015 and gave the team a bonafide threat at tight end. But did he deliver?

46 receptions, 455 yards, and five touchdowns.

That’s the way the season ended for tight end Julius Thomas after a final Week 17 loss to the Houston Texans (he had two catches for 12 yards in that game, in case you were curious).

Those are not particularly pretty numbers for a who made a name for himself as a prolific, high scoring, red zone threat in two seasons with Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos. Then again, they’re great numbers for a team whose past tight ends have struggled to even have their names called by the telecasters.

Seeing Thomas come to the Jacksonville Jaguars was exciting. The hope and optimism that came with general manager Dave Caldwell finally going out and getting a big-name free agent and the fact that Thomas came with 24 touchdowns in just the last two seasons was something that hasn’t been felt around this team in a long, long time.

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Then came the

injury to his hand in

the preseason, then the

underwhelming debut as a Jaguar

, and, finally, it seemed

he was beginning to live up to expectations


There’s no doubt that Thomas was an important part of this offense. Quarterback Blake Bortles targeted him 80 times in just 12 games, which was third most on the team (behind wide receiver studs Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns). Offensive coordinator Greg Olson took steps to get Thomas the ball and sometimes it was successful and sometimes it was not.

Six of Thomas’s games saw him haul in just two passes or less. On the other hand, he had five games with at least five catches. It was feast or famine depending on the week and the TDs tended to come when he was feasting (only one TD came in a game with two catches or less).

So, did Julius Thomas live up to your expectations for how he would perform in this offense? Let your opinion be known in the poll below!

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