Jacksonville Jaguars vs. New Orleans Saints: Three Biggest Factors In Loss

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3. Are Changes Coming?

This last slide probably would have been much different if not for the news that broke on Tuesday afternoon.

Owner Shad Kahn reaffirmed his belief in head coach Gus Bradley and made it clear that he will be back in 2016. While many fans are unhappy with this decision, you can’t be that surprised. Kahn hinted at this earlier in the season and he’s sticking to his guns.

Despite a record of 12-25, the organization believes the team is still progressing and that the best years are right in front of them. The real question comes to whether or not Bob Babich will be sticking around. Despite Bradley being that defensive minded coach he is, Babich continues to call the plays.

The hope is that we will see a change on Sunday against the Texans. What could hurt by Bradley calling plays this one game. Best case scenario is Gus can handle play-calling duties and the defense has a lot more success. Then the team can handle what needs to be done in terms of coaching changes in the off-season.

Greg Olsen has been solid, and I would expect everyone to fully support his comeback next year. When it comes to Bradley, he better make sure this upcoming draft and free agency period, are the best ones yet.

One thing we know is certain, if the Jags struggle again next season, Bradley will be gone.