Allen Robinson snubbed from Pro Bowl, named a first-alternate


The Jacksonville Jaguars haven’t had an offensive Pro Bowler (at least at real position) since Maurice Jones-Drew. This year, they had at least 3 candidates in quarterback Blake Bortles and wide receivers Allen Hurns and Allen Robinson. Of those 3, Robinson had the most realistic shot at making it thanks to some eye-popping statistics.

Unfortunately, Robinson didn’t make the top 8 and instead is a first alternate.

As stated above, it’s kind of moot because Robinson will almost certainly end up in Hawaii thanks to some players dropping out, but it’s still a snub. Robinson has undoubtedly been one of the best receivers in football in 2015, as evidenced by some of the gaudy stats being thrown around.

Robinson has been one of the most reliable downfield receivers in the NFL and nobody is doing a better job of catching contested jump balls than ARob.

Here are the wide receivers who did make the cut:

There are a lot of good players on that list, but Calvin Johnson and Brandon Marshall have not had better seasons than Robinson. They made it purely on name recognition and Robinson was clearly hurt by his residence here in a small market. You could also argue Robinson making it over guys like AJ Green and Larry Fitzgerald based on production alone.

Other guys who were close but didn’t make the cut were Telvin Smith and Paul Posluszny, both of whom could also end up on the roster if enough players drop out.

While it’s disappointing to see Robinson edged out by some overhyped veterans, it’s still progress to be talking about a handful of players who should and could have been voted on. If the Jaguars start winning games next year, we could see a handful of players from Jacksonville on the Pro Bowl roster and maybe even the All Pro team.