Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Indianapolis Colts: Three Top Performers

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2. WR Allen Hurns

Allen Hurns made his illustrious return on Sunday and boy was he good. After suffering a nasty concussion two weeks ago against San Diego, it was unclear as to how fast he would return. Without the former hurricane, it was the other Allen who lit up the stat sheet against the Titans.

But everyone knows how deadly the Jags offense can be when at full capacity. Allen Robinson eclipsed 1,000 yards last weekend in Tennessee, becoming the first Jaguar since Jimmy Smith to do so, and now Hurns is less than 150 yards away from joining him.

On Sunday, Hurns finished with just three catches, but he did total 105 yards, and it was his 80 of which sparked the offensive onslaught that was the second half.

This 80-yard pitch and catch from Bortles to Hurns gave the Jags the lead in which they would never relinquish. For 88, it was his first big catch following the injury, telling everyone that nothing has changed.

Not only did Hurns’ return mean another weapon for the offense, but more opportunities for other guys to get a little but less attention. Earlier you saw the touchdown to Thomas, but he wasn’t the only one affected.

Robinson was able to haul in his 12th touchdown of the season, the most of any wide receiver in the league this year. When the Jags are at their full capacity at wide receiver, everyone will flourish. I can only imagine the things Olsen has up his sleeve with still three games left in the regular season.

Yes, I’m obviously leaving the possibility for playoff games open here too.

Hurns has been a bright spot for the Jags since signing him as an undrafted free agent, and it’s clear that 31 other teams missed out on a potential star.

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