Allen Robinson becomes first 1000 yard receiver for Jags in a decade


Allen Robinson surpassed 1000 yards after a dominant 10 catch, 153 yard day against the Tennessee Titans in Week 13. He is the first Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver to do that in 10 years.

There were few people cheering on Allen Robinson more than myself on Sunday. It was exhilarating to see the young wide receiver finally accomplish something that hasn’t been done in 10 years by a Jacksonville Jaguars receiver.

With 153 yards against the Tennessee Titans, Robinson finally managed to become the first Jags receiver since Jimmy Smith’s final season in 2005 to get over 1000 yards.

It has been a whole decade since that feat was accomplished, and Allen Robinson deserves to be celebrated.

10 years ago, Jimmy Smith finished the 2005 season with 1023 yards. It was his last season in the NFL and the beginning of a long slump for Jags receivers.

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Racing against Allen Hurns (48 catches, 758 yards on the season) through most of the season, Robinson has really stepped up in recent weeks. His opportunity to cement himself as the top receiver occurred against the Titans with Hurns missing his first game of his career.

Entering the game with 927 yards off 55 receptions, everybody knew that quarterback Blake Bortles was going to try and get the ball to his receiver. It was not surprising to see Bortles target Robinson 15 times on Sunday.

More importantly, it wasn’t surprising to see Robinson haul in 10 of those 15 targets for 153 yards and three touchdowns. It was an impressive day for the second-year wide receiver, make no mistake, but it was also the type of day that the Jacksonville Jaguars are coming to expect from him.

William Moy at Pro Football Focus stated, “Robinson seemingly got open at will, and that performance just reinforced his status as one of the elite WRs in the NFL…” and that sums it up nicely. In just his second season, Robinson is already worth considering among the elite at his position.

Getting over 1000 yards and being the first Jags receiver to do it in 10 years is a major accomplishment and just icing on the cake.

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The Jags have found a real offensive weapon in Robinson and he’s going to have a long, illustrious career with them. It’s a shame that this franchise has taken so long to field another receiver who can compete with Jimmy Smith, but I have no doubt that Smith is among the happiest players to see another Jags wideout finally join him as capable of putting up 1000 yards.