It’s not over – The Jacksonville Jaguars playoff opportunity


The Jaguars division title chances took a blow last Sunday, but they still have a playoff hope. Jim Steve-USA TODAY Sports

Humans, let me stand as fan who still believes and say: it’s not over.

The Jacksonville Jaguars chances of taking the AFC South crown took a big blow last Sunday with their loss to the Chargers and the corresponding wins by the Indianapolis Colts and the Houston Texans.

While both division rivals took a step forward into possible wild card contention (in addition to the race of the AFC South crown), it’s not over.

Had the Jaguars won against the Chargers last Sunday, fans would be buzzing about the three game winning streak with many abysmal opponents on the schedule to end the season (Titans, Colts, Falcons, Saints, and Texans).

The only thing that now changes is that the Jaguars have an additional loss.

For the humans who were thinking that the Jaguars were going to win out and finish 11-5, that ridiculous dream is now crushed. For the humans looking at the schedule and saying that there are some very winnable games and seeing the weakness in our division foes, those components are still in place.

Both the Texans and the Colts are trending upward, however, there are still huge causes for concern with both teams.

Let’s start with the Texans.

Can the Browns QB Discards really be depended on for a playoff run? Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

Houston’s defense has come on as of late, after a very slow start, but their offense is led by Brian Hoyer. The same Hoyer who was discarded after last season by the Cleveland Browns.

Hoyer will not be winning games for the Texans. He is a career backup and can’t be counted on for a playoff run.

Should a four-game winning streak led by the defense be a case to believe that the Browns quarterback discards can lead the Texans to a division crown? Probably not.

Then there’s the Colts—the perennial AFC South Powerhouse.

Many projected the Colts would contend to win the AFC this year.

And then the season started.

This Elderly Gentleman has had a knack for winning this season. Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

The team has been terrible for the majority of the season. Andrew Luck has been in and out of the lineup and their backup grandpa/backup quarterback has been getting the job done in a big way.

Matt Hasselbeck has many teams wondering why their starting quarterback is less competent than the Colts 40-year-old backup who hasn’t played much football in the past three years. He’s finding ways to win games, but is his production sustainable? Probably not.

There’s still an opportunity for the Jaguars to win the division. Blake Bortles has to continue to hit the deep passes, but cut down on the mistakes. The defensive line has to overcome the injuries and become a productive unit. The coaches need to come up with a better red zone game plan on offense.

We’ve reached the pivotal point in the season, humans. It’s time to play or get played for the Jaguars. Being two games back with five games remaining is not reason to declare this season a dud.

Don’t wave the white flag.

Don’t throw in the towel.

It’s not over.