Can Allen Hurns catch up to Allen Robinson?


Allen Hurns fell behind Allen Robinson in the race to 1000 yards for the two young, stud receivers…now can he catch up?

There’s nothing like a friendly rivalry in the NFL and the budding dominance of two young receivers named Allen Hurns and Allen Robinson makes for some exciting watching among Jacksonville Jaguars fans.

In the quest to be the first 1000 yard receiver for the Jaguars since Jimmy Smith in 2005 (talk about a long stretch!) these two young receivers are running neck and neck. Robinson surged past Hurns in this past week’s matchup, managing an impressive 113 yards on five catches compared to just 19 for Hurns on three receptions.

But this battle for first to 1000 is far from over.

Hurns has managed three 100 yard games so far this season and while he is currently battling some nagging injuries, he is still capable of exploding during any given game.

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Robinson is no slouch, of course, and has three 100 yard games of his own so far this season. He can explode at any given time as well.

So, who is going to do it first and get up to 1000? Robinson is just 129 yards away and Hurns is 284. Hurns has never had a 200 yard game.

Theoretically this race will finish over the next two weeks and possibly this next week against the San Diego Chargers’ stingy pass defense (currently 11th in the NFL based on passing yards). Anticipate neither of them to have a 100 yard game against the Chargers, so expect the game against the Tennessee Titans in Week 13 to be the deciding matchup in this friendly race.

It is rare for both wide receivers to do impressively well at the same time. Of their 100 yard games, Hurns and Robinson have only done it the same time once, in Week 9 against the New York Jets.

If Hurns can manage a big game against the Chargers while Robinson is held to less than 60 yards or so, he could end up in striking distance to get over 1000 yards during the game against the Tennessee Titans. He could still catch up to his peer.

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Of course, this is all a bit of hypothetical exploration about something that ultimately doesn’t matter. Allen Hurns and Allen Robinson are talented wide receivers and while their yardage totals matter to fantasy football owners, it’s the play they put forward for the Jacksonville Jaguars that matters most. They both help put the Jags in a position to succeed and hopefully they have big games at any time in order to help secure a win.

Yet this friendly race to 1000 yards keeps us all interested. Can the gritty Hurns catch up? Sure. It’s going to be close and it’s going to be fun a game-within-the-game to watch in the next two weeks.