Doug Martin runs over Jacksonville Jaguars


Doug Martin is a quality NFL running back and that may have been forgotten by many people before he absolutely ran over the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 5 on Sunday.

In a 31-38 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Jaguars simply let Martin walk over them as he worked his way up to 123 yards on 24 carries (5.1 yards per carry average) with two touchdowns. He also added three receptions for 35 yards and a touchdown.

While the Jaguars struggled to stop the run all day, it was really Doug Martin’s show in Tampa.

In his second straight 100 yard game on the ground, Martin just showed that the Jags run defense can be exploited. Entering Sunday’s game, the Jags had allowed no rusher to get over 100 yards on the season. Martin didn’t seem worried by that and stomped the Jags’ defense.

It was Martin’s sixth best game on the ground in his career, and the first time had had gotten above 120 yards since September 15th, 2013 against the New Orleans Saints.

The Jaguars were exposed by Doug Martin in this one and it’s stressful to see a team that has done well against the run for most of the season come out flat against an offensive line that was not supposed to be anything special. Martin’s ability certainly helped with that, as he consistently juked defenders and broke through arm tackles.

The Jaguars had penetration but couldn’t capitalize against the Buccaneers on Sunday. Had the defense been able to stick to its strength and slow down the run game, this would have been a manageable game and a game the Jags won. Instead, it was the defense that let the team down and let Martin walk all over them.

For a young team that continues to find ways to lose games, it’s concerning to see what is considered a strength suddenly fade away so easily.

Props to Doug Martin for a monster game. He’s a real talent and continues to remind the NFL now that he’s healthy. Still, the Jags defense should have kept him bottled up.

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