Allen Robinson already has more drops than in all of 2014


Allen Robinson disappointed the Jacksonville Jaguars and fantasy football owners everywhere with a more than lackluster 2015 season debut.

In fact, Robinson was downright sloppy in his play for the Jags on Sunday.

Considered the most reliable wide receiver for the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2014, Allen Robinson’s predicted breakout season got off to a rough start with two dropped passes on just six targets from quarterback Blake Bortles.

How does that compare to 2014? Allen Robinson’s two drops on Sunday night doubled his credited drops from the year before, according to Pro Football Focus’s statistics.

Robinson’s single drop in 2014 was good enough to put him among the top-5 most reliable receivers. Guys like Kendall Wright, Larry Fitzgerald, and Malcom Floyd were his peers last year. Now he’s already among less favorable company.

This isn’t to say that Allen Robinson is going to be some terrible receiver in 2015. This is only one game, of course. But if he wants to have a comparable season to his rookie year in 2014, he’ll have to play near-mistake free for the rest of the season. His one drop last year came off 76 targets. That’s an impressively low rate. He had the fourth most targets among players with one drop or no drops in 2014.

So far he’s had two on just six targets. With an anticipated 130 targets (what he was on pace for in 2014 before he ended up on injured reserve), Robinson could see his drops rise if he doesn’t get his game together. He is expected to do better than catching just one ball in six thrown at him and he is definitely expected to catch balls that hit him in the hands or the numbers (like a guaranteed 20-yard gain on Sunday).

We’re just one week into the 2015 season, so it isn’t time to panic. However, it will definitely be interesting to see how Robinson does through the rest of the year. Can he keep his drops down? Will he catch more than 1/6th of passes thrown his way?

We all expect better from Allen Robinson in 2015.

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