Indianapolis Colts humbled by Buffalo Bills 27-14


The Indianapolis Colts join the Jacksonville Jaguars and Houston Texans in the AFC South cellar, starting the 2015 NFL season 0-1.

The loss came at the hands of a surging Buffalo Bills squad under the leadership of Rex Ryan.

Managing to do the unthinkable, the Buffalo Bills took control of the game from the Indianapolis Colts and forced them to play on their terms. As a result, we saw a humbled Andrew Luck turn in a pedestrian performance.

Luck finished the day with a 53.1% completion percentage, amassing 243 yards with two touchdowns and two interceptions. It was starting the season off on the wrong foot to say the least.

What was worse was that the Buffalo Bills completely dominated the game from the start. Finishing the first half up 17-0, the Bills completely limited what Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts could do. Even with only two sacks, the Bills were able to bring the mighty Colts offense to its knees.

The running game never really took off behind the strength of Frank Gore for the Colts. Gore finished the day with just 31 yards on eight attempts. The entire team managed just 64 yards on 17 attempts (this includes 20 yards on four scrambles from Andrew Luck).

The Colts are used to being on top of the AFC South and this loss should be humbling. This was not only a winnable game for the Colts, but it was one they were expected to win.

Instead, Chuck Pagano’s unit is sitting tied in last place with two teams it hasn’t shared much in common with over the last few seasons.

I expect the Colts will bounce back from this, but for now they are not doing especially well.

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