T.J. Yeldon belongs on your fantasy football team


T.J. Yeldon is just getting his feet wet in the NFL, but he is already a top pick for fantasy football teams across the nation.

If you still haven’t drafted (get on that!) then you need to do yourself a favor and look into T.J. Yeldon as a possible running back for your team.

Drafting a rookie running back can be risky – especially in a draft class so stocked full of talent as the 2015 NFL Draft class – and finding the right one can be a difficult task. Yeldon makes it easy for you. Some believe he’ll be the best fantasy football back of his class.

The third running back taken this year in the draft, T.J. Yeldon is coming into a near-perfect situation for fantasy football owners.

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The Jacksonville Jaguars do not have an established fantasy running back on their roster. Denard Robinson, Toby Gerhart, and Bernard Pierce are not expected to carry the load in 2015, but to complement Yeldon. While there may be more load sharing early in the year, it’s up to Yeldon to become the feature back by year’s end.

And he’s expected to do so.

In a pass-happy NFL becoming populated with more running backs by committee, you need a guy who can be a workhorse like Yeldon.

Currently, T.J. Yeldon has an average draft position of 24 among running backs and 64 overall. There are plenty of other quality running backs in front of him, but after Yeldon there are very few backs who are likely to get the number of touches he does.

Expected to get nearly 200 attempts (a conservative number in my estimation) and around 30 receptions (probably a decent chance), Yeldon has a real shot at being a 1000 yard back that you can have later in the draft than his peers.

With Yeldon being named the starter in Week 1 for the Jaguars (after leaving Yeldon tied with Denard Robinson as “co-starters” to this point), it’s clear that he is going to be getting a hefty amount of work.

There’s no question that T.J. Yeldon will be drafted in your fantasy football league. Running backs, especially starters, are too highly valued. But you can be ahead of the curve and put him on your team as a great depth player to have or as a competent RB2 while you stock up on other positions before him.

All in all, Yeldon looks like the kind of player you don’t want to let get away. He deserves a spot on your fantasy football team.

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