Prowling The Web: Jacksonville Jaguars ready for more than a rehearsal


The Jacksonville Jaguars take on the Detroit Lions on Friday for the third preseason game before the 2015 regular season. The news gears up in anticipation.

5 things to watch in Detroit Lions vs Jacksonville Jaguars – Detroit Free Press

"Jacksonville’s defensive backs were accused of dirty play for targeting receiver Odell Beckham Jr. in last week’s exhibition against the New York Giants. Lions receivers will be on high alert Friday, but the Jaguars’ physical style could help coaches sort through a crowded receiver field."

More than a rehearsal – Jacksonville Jaguars team site

"The debut of T.J. Yeldon. This is the game’s biggest story from the Jaguars’ perspective. As good as the offense has looked in preseason – and compared to the past several seasons, it has looked very good – it has looked that way without Yeldon. That makes what’s going on doubly intriguing because while the running game has been productive, Yeldon is the type of back who can turn productivity into game-changing pop. A finger injury kept him out of the first two preseason games. He probably could have played Saturday against the Giants, and he could work with the starting unit extensively Friday. Maybe he starts the season and maybe doesn’t, but there’s little doubt he will be key to the offense. He has shown a knack in practice for making defenders miss, and for making tough runs look easy. If he can show that in games, this running game’s going to be intriguing."

What are expectations for quarterback Blake Bortles? – Yahoo! Sports [VIDEO]

Reactions to Jacksonville Jaguars vs New York Giants – iSports Web

"Blake Bortles looked like a franchise quarterback against the Pittsburgh Steelers a week ago. Saturday night was not quite at that level but it was clear he’s one the right path to be the quarterback for the future. While they may have only ended in field goals, Bortles led three straight, 10+ play drives. Seeing a Jaguar’s offense consistently sustain long drives isn’t something I’ve seen since David Garrard and Maurice Jones-Drew wore Duval residents. While an average performance of 8-16 and no touchdowns in limited play is nothing special, the rest of the offense did not do much to help Bortles."

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