Jacksonville Jaguars general manager David Caldwell 27th in rankings


Despite their 7-25 record over the last 2 seasons, the Jacksonville Jaguars are without a doubt a significantly more talented team since David Caldwell took over as general manager in 2013. Former GM Gene Smith left the franchise in shambles and Caldwell had to build up a roster with basically no salvageable parts.

Flash forward to 2015 and the pressure is finally starting to build on the young personnel man. With 3 years to mold the roster to his liking with additions and MANY subtractions, it’s time for the team to start performing and win games on the field.

That pressure is reflected in Sporting News latest general manager rankings, as Caldwell came in 27th just one year after being ranked 17th:

"Dave Caldwell, Jaguars 27 of 32Everything is still relatively new in Jacksonville: owner, GM, coach and quarterback. There’s still nothing to complain about with Gus Bradley, and Blake Bortles showed potential as a rookie. Luring Julius Thomas as a target will help, as will the stable of running backs if any or all of them pan out. All that said, they’d better start winning, fast."

It’s cliche and not very insightful to say the following but it doesn’t make it any less true – David Caldwell’s job lies squarely on the shoulders of Blake Bortles. While there are several other young players who should and probably will step up and develop, this regime (general manager and head coach) is tied to the progress Blake Bortles makes in year 2. The team is excited about the young signal caller after what has been a very productive offseason, but he needs to elevate his play to that of at least a league average quarterback in order for the Jaguars to threaten playoff contention.

Caldwell has made some good decision so far as GM, but the perception of the team and himself won’t change until the Jaguars stop finding themselves at the top of the draft every year.

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