Denard Robinson: Could his future lay at kick returner?


Denard Robinson is finding himself short some carries with the addition of rookie running back T.J. Yeldon out of Alabama. While I expect the Jacksonville Jaguars to pursue a running back by committee approach through the 2015 season, it is expected that if a feature back emerges it will be Yeldon and not Robinson.

This doesn’t exactly leave Robinson out of a job. He’s going to be a critical change of pace back and should see plenty of looks. While some questions linger over his tenure with the Jags, he’s going to be a key part of the offense going forward.

But aside from playing time at running back, where else will Denard Robinson get a look?

The unofficial training camp depth chart was recently released for the Jags and a curious note at kick returner caught my eye. Denard Robinson is listed as the starter for kick return duties, over Tandon Doss and Corey Grant.

Robinson certainly has the ability to be dangerous in space and is a dynamic player that the Jaguars are hopeful to capitalize on. Is he good enough to be the primary kick returner, though? That’s the question that will have to be examined.

Of course, this depth chart is strictly unofficial at this point and there’s no telling if Robinson will find himself returning kicks through the preseason or into the 2015 regular season. He could be, especially in light of his being named the starter for now, but there’s no telling if he’ll be successful.

This is one of the more curious tidbits so far this offseason and is definitely worth keeping an eye on. I feel that Robinson was a bit slighted by the selection of Yeldon early in the second round of the 2015 NFL Draft, so finding another way to use him would be nice.

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