Tyson Alualu to get looks at fullback, continues proving his value


Tyson Alualu could be called a bust at defensive tackle, but the Jacksonville Jaguars keep finding ways to use the former first rounder.

An athletic defensive lineman, Alualu never really panned out as the complement to massive Terrance ‘Pot Roast’ Knighton at defensive tackle. Knighton found success despite his problems maintaining a lower weight, while Alualu was shoved around by the opposition. With head coach Gus Bradley’s tenure, Alualu has been used more as a defensive end, getting the majority of his snaps there.

Now, he’s may finally get a look at fullback.

One of the few Gene Smith picks left on the roster, it’s nice to see that Alualu’s athleticism can still be used. Here’s what John Oehser writes:

"It’s not something that’s set in stone yet, though it sounds like they’ll test it during the preseason. It’s a move that makes sense with the team not carrying a fullback offensively. Alualu is athletic, smart and physical, so putting him on offense periodically could work."

Without a true fullback on the roster but with an athletic, strong defensive lineman who is able to move well and block well at hand, it makes sense to try Tyson Alualu at fullback. Getting reps at the position will help with his transition and ensure that the Jags have a guy who can come in on those short-yardage situations and capitalize by breaking open holes for the running back.

This isn’t just something the Jaguars are trying. Other teams do this with athletic defensive linemen. I always remember the New England Patriots doing it most in my head, bringing in a guy like Richard Seymour to plow open a hole for the running back in goal line formations.

If this works out well for the Jags, then Alualu will have found himself another rotational role, making himself more valuable to the team once again. While many criticized the Alualu selection (and rightly so as he hasn’t found success in his original role), he has done everything asked of him by the new Jaguars regime and he is willing to take reps at any position to prove he can be a contributor.

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