Nick Marshall impressing in new position


Nick Marshall is working to convert from a quarterback to a cornerback and so far the results seem pretty good. Continually drawing attention to himself in a good way, Marshall continues to impress as he works on his conversion after college.

Looking like a contender to make the final roster, Marshall is used to success. During his time as quarterback at Auburn, he managed a 20-7 record. Now at corner for the Jacksonville Jaguars, he’ll have to prove he can do it from a different spot on the field.

The Jags kept an eye on Marshall, who voluntarily switched to cornerback during the Senior Bowl, while coaching him for the Senior Bowl. Bringing him in at cornerback is a clear indication that his athleticism impressed the team and they believe that he can make it in the NFL at cornerback.

That doesn’t mean that Nick Marshall is a lock to make the squad. He still has to beat out a few other cornerbacks – who aren’t completely learning the position for the first time – and that is no easy task for a young player still learning the ropes. Guys like Jeremy Harris will be a part of that mix for the final roster spots at corner and it could be tough for Marshall to keep his play at a high enough level to beat them out.

Fortunately, it seems that he is keeping his game up for now.

Marshall will certainly get the opportunity to prove he is worthy. He’s been working with the second team so far, but it seems he’ll have the opportunity to work with the first team at some point during camp, probably at this point he will prove if he is worthy for a coveted roster spot or not.

Keep your eye on Nick Marshall because at the end of the day he’ll either be on the Jags roster or cut, and if he is let go I expect another team will snap him up pretty quickly based on the positive things coming out of Jags camp so far.

If I’m being honest, it was tough for me to get excited about Marshall, but I keep only hearing good things so far. I’m starting to root for him and hope he can string together more positive experiences.

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