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With training camp now underway, it means football season is right around the corner. In a matter of only a few weeks we’ll be able see if all the acquisitions the Jacksonville Jaguars made this offseason will pay off, and we’ll get a look at how quickly this young collection of talent is developing.

The Jaguars have one of the most passionate fan bases in the NFL with support rising each year in Jacksonville. Some great fan groups already exist (see: Bold City Brigade and Teal Street Hooligans), but that didn’t stop Jordan de Lugo from starting another entity to help bring Jaguar fans together – Generation Jaguar. I was able to talk with Jordan for a bit about how he started the group and he was polite enough to answer some questions about Gen Jag to give Jaguars a glimpse of what the new group is striving to do:

1. What is Generation Jaguar?

"Generation Jaguar is a multi faceted organization. We are a fan group that strives to energize the young fan base in Jacksonville and get more young adults to come to games. In addition to the fan group aspect of our organization, we also have a blog that focuses on the Jaguars. The blog features unique insights from life long Jaguar fans. The final objective of our organization is to spotlight Jacksonville’s awesome culture. Through Social Media and our blog we seek to highlight some of the awesome things that are going on around town."

2. How did Generation Jaguar get started? 

"We got started in February of 2015. Originally the goal was to be a blog that provides Jaguars news to fans, by fans. Quickly we gained praise from around the community and we had people asking us for shirts, koozies and other such merchandise. This is what inspired us to become a fan group as well. People truly identify with Generation Jaguar or Gen Jag for short and they appreciate what we are doing."

Generation Jaguar

3. Tell us a little about yourself. How long have you been a Jaguars fan and what prompted you to take such a prominent role in putting together Generation Jaguar?

"My name is Jordan de Lugo and I grew up in Jacksonville.  As a young boy I used to introduce myself by saying “Hi, my name is Jordan and I’m from Jacksonville home of the Jacksonville Jaguars.” To say that I have been a fan my whole life might be a bit of an understatement. As a kid, if there was anything that had to do with the Jaguars, I had to have it. I’m the same way to this day. My fandom and love for the written word inspired me to start the Generation Jaguar Blog, and the rest is history."

4. There are already some great Jaguar fan groups out there, what does Generation Jaguar bring to the table?

"There are some truly amazing fan groups out there. Teal Street Hooligans and The Bold City Brigade do an amazing job of throwing awesome tailgates and getting passionate fans together. Our goals are similar to their goals, with several main differences. We focus on keeping our members connected with the team through our blog. We also focus on the group of people in Jacksonville that has grown up with the Jaguars and has never had any passion for another team. We seek to ignite a passion for the Jaguars and the culture of Jacksonville in young adults that might not feel that passionate about Jacksonville or the Jaguars. We want to show the world how awesome our city and our team is. In the end, the goal is to get more people at Jaguar games and to make it exciting to come to a game! We love our Jaguars and we want everyone in our great city to feel the same way."

5. Generation Jaguar is fairly new, but what does the future hold? 

"No one truly knows what the future holds, but we do have some exciting plans. We will be having official Generation Jaguar watch parties at Brix Tap House in Jacksonville Beach for every away game and we will be hosting our own tailgates  for every Jaguar home game. Our tailgating spot is at the corner of Bryan and Adams. In addition to getting together to cheer on the Jaguars we look forward to working with other local organizations to put on exciting events that showcase our city’s one of a kind culture."

6. Who can join Generation Jaguar and how?

"Anyone and Everyone can Join Gen Jag! To become a member all you have to do is go to and sign up for your free 2015 membership."

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