Tom Brady Suspension Upheld by NFL, Roger Goodell


Tom Brady has had his four-game suspension upheld by the NFL upon appeal.

We were all expecting NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to hand down the appeal ruling sometime during this week. The speculation was that Brady would see some of his suspension reduced. Instead, we now learn that Brady’s full four-game suspension has been upheld.

In light of some details coming out, it isn’t shocking.

Things like Brady’s common practice of destroying phones and SIM cards or better yet:

These details make everything sound a little more suspicious and Goodell seems more than justified in upholding the suspension. The Tom Brady suspension has been a bit of a distraction through the offseason and now we can all move on from it.

This means that Jimmy Garoppolo will get the start for the first four games of the season, providing opponents of the New England Patriots the opportunity to knock off the defending Super Bowl champs.

That isn’t to say that Tom Brady alone carries the Patriots. They are still an excellent team all around and easily the best coached team in football. For teams like the Jacksonville Jaguars – who have the pleasure of playing the Brady-less Pats in Week 3 – this is excellent news, but it shouldn’t cause all of us to immediately jump up and down and predict major upsets.

Instead, the game should still be treated as a challenge. The Patriots take on the Jaguars in Week 3 and it should be the easiest game in their early stretch. Don’t expect Bill Belichick to find himself in a trap game. This is a tough one for the young Jaguars to win.

Still, as good as it is to take on a team at full strength, the Brady suspension is good news for the Jaguars. There’s a window opening here and if the Jaguars could capitalize, it would be pretty big for them and demonstrate major progress.

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