Telvin Smith the Most Underrated Jaguars Player According to Pete Prisco


In his latest offseason analysis piece, CBS Sports senior writer Pete Prisco went through all 32 NFL teams and picked out the most underrated player on each roster. Prisco also went through all the teams and chose the most overrated player, but we’re going to focus on the more positive aspect of the roster here.

Unlike choosing an overrated player, finding an underrated player on the Jaguars roster isn’t a difficult task. The team doesn’t get a lot of respect nationally, but there are a handful of talented young players who are primed to breakout and have big seasons that put them on the map.

With multiple reasonable options at his disposal, Prisco went with linebacker Telvin Smith:

"Jacksonville JaguarsLinebacker Telvin Smith: This run-and-chase linebacker is in the mold of former Tampa Bay Hall of Fame player Derrick Brooks. Smith played at 220 pounds last season, but is a little bigger this season. His speed is such a weapon. Watch him fly to the football now that he knows the defenses and assignments better."

Prisco went with quite the lofty comparison here bringing up Derrick Brooks, but Smith has a chance to be as effective as him. He took the first few weeks of his rookie year to get his feet under him, but Smith flashed All Pro ability in the second half of the year. Thought of initially as too light too hold up as a 3-down linebacker, Smith quickly dispelled that thought last year by being extremely effective against both the pass and the run. From week 7 to week 17, Telvin Smith had an overall grade from Pro Football Focus of +4.4, good for 15th out of 38 4-3 outside linebackers. For a 5th round rookie, Smith did plenty to impress and expect great things from him in the future.

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