Where Does Chad Henne Rank Among Backup Quarterbacks?


With very little actual football to talk about this time of year, the season is ripe for discussion. The topic in this particular piece is of utmost importance – backup quarterbacks.

It’s worth pointing out first how refreshing it is to finally not have a quarterback controversy in Jacksonville over the offseason. Not since the days of Mark Brunell have we had a summer where we haven’t had to talk about whether or not the guy who ended the season playing quarterback will start the next season. We can thank Blake Bortles for that, but we also have to shed some light on Chad Henne, who has done a good job of toeing the line of serviceable backup to limited starter.

Chad Henne had a chance to keep the starting QB job last year during Bortles’ rookie year, but he barely managed 10 quarters of underwhelming play before making way for the franchise QB. Still, Henne is probably one of the better backup quarterbacks in the entire league. Brad Gagnon over at Fox Sports seems to think so, as he named Henne the 8th best backup signal caller:

"8. Chad Henne, Jacksonville Jaguars: The 29-year-old has been serviceable as a borderline starter throughout his career, which makes him a nice backup for the young Blake Bortles."

It’s hard to believe Henne is only 29 years old, considering how long he’s managed to hang around with the Dolphins and Jaguars. Henne got the short end of the stick in terms of having to sit behind Blaine Gabbert – arguably one of the worst quarterbacks in league history – but he appears to be in the right spot right now. He’s firmly entrenched as the backup to Blake Bortles, but he’s shown the ability to take the field in a pinch and occasionally score points.

Hopefully Henne spends all of next season on the bench.

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