Head Coach Gus Bradley Needs More Wins in 2015


General manager David Caldwell took over what was indisputably one of the worst rosters in the NFL when Shad Khan hired him to guide the Jacksonville Jaguars back in 2013. Two years and only 7 wins later, it’s time to start holding people accountable for what the team is producing on the field.

In reality, Caldwell is probably safe regardless of how the team performs in 2015. The roster is significantly more talented than it was 2 years ago, and nothing short of pure regression from a multitude of players will hide the progress made during the roster reconstruction of the last  2 offseasons.

The same logic doesn’t apply for head coach Gus Bradley, who needs to improve the team’s output, specifically in the win column.

ESPN blogger Michael DiRocco recently answered the question of whether or not Caldwell and Bradley will survive another below average season:

"It depends on what you mean by below average. A 7-9 record is below average, but I think everyone would agree that would be a marked improvement from the past several seasons. That would keep the Jaguars in the playoff race, theoretically, into December. Jaguars fans would be ecstatic with that kind of a season.But if you’re talking about another season in which the team wins five or fewer games, then owner Shad Khan would have to make a tough decision with coach Gus Bradley. I think GM David Caldwell would be safe because he has done a good job rebuilding the roster…The bottom line, though, is that the Jaguars have to start winning more games. The team is entering the third season of the rebuilding project and it’s not unreasonable for the expectations to be challenging a .500 record in 2015."

I tend to agree with DiRocco here for the most part. A 7-9 record is probably my personal floor regarding the success of the team in 2015. If Blake Bortles shows even marginal improvements from his rookie season, there’s just too much talent on this squad to accept another 3-5 win season. Even 6 wins seems low for the Jaguars, considering they are in one of the weaker divisions in the entire league.

Bradley needs to at least double the team’s win total from 2014, and I expect him to do so.

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