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Dante Fowler Jr. Signed By Jacksonville Jaguars


Dante Fowler Jr. has been signed by the Jacksonville Jaguars, torn ACL and all.

The deal shows the commitment the Jaguars have in their future star sack master. Fowler won’t be joining the Jaguars due to tearing his ACL in the team’s rookie minicamp this past weekend, but he signed a waiver that the team would negotiate in good faith regardless of what happened on the field. With the ACL tear, it’s a good thing he did.

Dante Fowler is a Gus Bradley type guy, prepared to come in and compete and get better. He vowed to return better and stronger for 2016 after his recovery and rehabilitation. Perhaps because of this, the Jaguars signed him to the maximum amount allowed.

The Jaguars lock in their future defensive play maker and hope that he can be a star after a year of rest.

It’s good to see both Fowler and the Jaguars coming together so quickly after a shocking and surprising injury. They seem like a perfect match of organization and player.

I can’t wait to see what Fowler can do on the field when he does finally get there. He is a talented athlete and he has shown in his collegiate career to be durable. So this injury should be an outlier in the grand scheme of his career. Hopefully the team will see him play many productive seasons of football after missing out on his rookie season.

The Jacksonville Jaguars have seven other draft picks from the 2015 NFL Draft, one in rounds 1-6 and two in rounds seven. The Jags should come to terms with all of them shortly and ensure the whole class is under contract before the season begins.

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