2015 NFL Draft: Dante Fowler Jr. Instantly Improves Jaguars’ Pass Rush


Dante Fowler Jr. was selected third overall in the 2015 NFL Draft and is coming to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

He’s ready to come in and immediately be an impact player for the Jags. This is exactly what head coach Gus Bradley wants.

The Jaguars managed an impressive 45 sacks last season without a player who was consistently bringing pressure. Bradley finally got the guy he wanted in Dante Fowler. Fowler is someone who can create pressure on every down. He’s athletic enough succeed no matter what he is called upon to do and he understands the game enough to succeed against opposing defenses.

Fowler wasn’t the most productive college defensive end in the 2015 NFL Draft, but he’s coming in with a successful track record nonetheless. He has 14.5 sacks to his name and 33.5 tackles for a loss. That’s solid production in a major conference. His big size also helps the Jaguars set the edge when he’s called to do that.

Now, Daniel Lago and I are on record with this being a B-range pick, but that doesn’t mean Fowler isn’t going to be successful. This guy is set to be something special in the NFL. You can’t project entirely on numbers in college and you can’t project entirely on athleticism. Fowler is someone with a great combination of a multitude of successful qualities on which he can rely as he transitions into the NFL.

On the whole, this pick is an excellent addition to the Jaguars pass rush. Dante Fowler will be in great company along a defensive line rotation that is already stellar. He’ll find support in the scheme and from his peers on the roster, enabling him to be in an environment that breeds success. Many top picks end up on a team that simply can’t support them, but that won’t be the case for Fowler. He’s joining a team that will find ways for him to be successful, because he’s exactly the guy they wanted.

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