Greg Jennings Visiting Jaguars, Do They Need Him?


Greg Jennings continues searching for a new home after his stint with the Minnesota Vikings.

Now, he looks to bring his talents to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Jaguars have been looking to add a veteran wide receiver so far this offseason so Jennings is definitely a possibility to add to the receiving corps.

Blake Bortles could use veteran receiving help after his young receivers failed to make a a consistent impact (though they were a pleasant surprise) in 2014. The key for them will be consistency, having a problem with drops last season and injuries. Hopefully in 2015 they will be able to take a step forward.

Jennings is a strong receiver, but he hasn’t really succeeded as expected following his departure from Green Bay and move to Minnesota. Entering his 10th season in the NFL he is hoping to fulfill his potential in 2015. Since leaving the Packers, he hasn’t managed a 1000 yard season and he hasn’t been able to return to double digit touchdowns (something he did twice in seven years with Green Bay). That said, he is a reliable target and he can break open in some games when needed.

It didn’t help that Greg Jennings was playing with nobody at quarterback in Minnesota, expect a late surge by rookie Teddy Bridgewater last year.

The Jaguars would offer a talented quarterback in Blake Bortles and Jennings could become a primary target for him. He isn’t going to be a game changer at this point in his career, but if the Jaguars are looking for that veteran presence at the position then they could do much worse than Jennings.

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