After DeMarco Murray: 5 Next Running Backs to Consider

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DeMarco Murray is holding our Twitter feeds hostage and we’ll only be satisfied when he finally agrees to sign with the Jacksonville Jaguars….err, the Oakland Raiders?….Philadelphia Eagles? Well, one of those teams.

Actually, who cares if he comes to Jacksonville anyway?


Because there are plenty of other fish in the sea, as you are about to discover.

DeMarco Murray is a big catch in free agency, but right now there are plenty of other options available for teams in the 2015 NFL Free Agency pool. While some players (Mark Ingram) decided to stick it out with their other teams, there are still plenty of players left for teams searching for running backs. So, instead of waiting for DeMarco Murray to stop being dramatic, start being pragmatic and looking at options for your team’s next-best runner.

Jan 4, 2015; Arlington, TX, USA; Detroit Lions running back Reggie Bush (21) is tackled by Dallas Cowboys cornerback Brandon Carr (39) during the third quarter in the NFC Wild Card Playoff Game at AT&T Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Reggie Bush

Reggie Bush is full of breakout potential. He may not always tap that potential, but his rennaissance with the Miami Dolphins led to the Detroit Lions making him a priority to sign just two seasons ago. After one 1000 yard season and another that was…well less than 1000 yards, Bush is back on the market searching for a team.

While I believe Bush has never performed to his draft position, he’s still a dependable back in the NFL. He has the skills to be an offensive weapon wherever you put him. His struggles, in my opinion, are largely because he simply isn’t meant to be a feature back and hasn’t really been put in the right role. The right team, who may put him as part of a committee or as a change of pace back, would be wise to consider Bush and pick him up.

His decline last year could be overlooked. There’s still gas left in the tank for Bush to realize his potential.

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