LB Brian Orakpo Going to Texas?


Brian Orakpo, an outside linebacker who many think the Jacksonville Jaguars should pursue, could have his eyes set on the other big Southern US state: Texas.

Orakpo, who is originally from Houston, Texas, recently said that he’d be looking at the two teams in Texas or sticking with the Washington Redskins during the 2015 NFL Free Agency Period. On NFL AM Friday, Orakpo had this to say:

"It would either have to be one of the Texas teams, since I’m from Texas, obviously, or I love playing for the Redskins. The media over there, the fans, it’s great man, it’s a great thing. Even if I’m done playing with the Redskins, I hope those guys can turn it around and really win for those fans and that whole market out there, because it’s great for football.”"

For those looking to Orakpo for outside linebacker help with the Jaguars, attaining the linebacker just became a bit tougher.

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Of course, his opinion could change when he sees how much the Jaguars would be willing to throw his way, especially since the team has so much cap room to play around with.

To me, this seems like a situation that the Jaguars should avoid. Orakpo hasn’t been healthy or productive enough on a consistent level in the last three seasons for the Jags to waste time and money trying to lure him away from Texas or his current home in Washington, D.C. He has a much-desired skill set that the team could immediately use, but his injury concerns are enough of a question mark for me to insist that the Jags pass.

So, while Orakpo sorts out what he wants in his life, the Jaguars should work on finding anther option that may be easier to bring to Florida and may provide a better fit overall.