Mark Ingram to Jaguars Just Makes Sense


Mark Ingram is a free agent running back currently attached to the New Orleans Saints, the team that drafted him. Just the other day I toyed with the idea of the Jaguars picking up quality running backs in free agency, with Mark Ingram listed as one who could come in and be a load-sharing back with Toby Gerhart and Denard Robinson. He’d be a strong runner that makes the change of pace of Robinson even more effective.

Bringing in a proven back like Ingram also allows the Jaguars to use Toby Gerhart in other situations, just like they want. The Jags are expected to pursue running backs this offseason, and Ingram would be one that would fit the bill nicely. Here’s a bit from on Ingram:

"Still just 25 years old with little tread on his tires, Ingram should attract plenty of interest on the heels of a breakout 2014 season. The cap-strapped Saints can’t afford a back of his caliber."

Even though the Saints theoretically can’t “afford” to bring Ingram back, head coach Sean Payton and the team would like to have him return to the Saints. They may need to free up some space if they want to be able to put together a competing offer against teams like the Jaguars, who can literally throw money at players this year. In my opinion (and others’), he’ll be leaving in free agency.

Enter the Jaguars.

Why am I high on Ingram? Because Mark Ingram is every bit the back that the Jaguars need. He can carry the load if called upon, he can set the tone of the game, and he can hit pay dirt dependably (9 TDs in 2014, average of 5 per season). He isn’t the best back in the world right now and he has enough question marks around him that some teams will shy away. He’s a bargain free agent target for the Jaguars, which is good as they could be bogged down trying to get some of the top-tier free agents during free agency as well. Ingram would be a quality, relatively easy pickup for Dave Caldwell to make.

Tacking on a player who can get you four yards a carry, score points, and pickup in case the rest of the running back stable falters is well worth considering. To me, Caldwell and company should think long and hard about adding him….unless they want to go after DeMarco Murray, I’m totally fine with that.

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