Blake Bortles Is Just Plain Fun to Watch


We’re a few hours from kickoff with the Houston Texans coming into town to visit the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jags are just 2-10 coming off their second win of the season while the Texans have serious playoff aspirations hoping to snag a couple of victories against the Jaguars to close out the season.

Aside from the playoff story line here for Texans fans, I’m looking forward to this game.

This game is another chance to get a look at rookie quarterback Blake Bortles.

Blake Bortles has become a player – the first player in a long time for Jags fans – who is just plain fun to watch. I cringed with the best of them when the game was in his hands against the New York Giants last week. I wallowed in dismay because of his pick-sixes against the Miami Dolphins.

But each week, I’ll be tuned into the Jags games and Blake Bortles is a big reason for that.

He has the athleticism to be dangerous in any situation. He stands tall in the pocket and has the size to shake off defenders as they try to bring him down (which they succeed at too often). He keeps his eyes downfield and tries to extend plays, never quitting.

There have been mistakes this year, but each week as Bortles trots onto the field I know we’re in for a game that is more exciting than most other losing teams’. Bortles provides some electrifying play each week. He’s never boring.

The Jags have come a long way in just one season from the short, milquetoast Chad Henne “era” and have come even further from the phantom-sack plagued Blaine Gabbert era.

It’s the Blake Bortles era now and it’s a good time to be a Jaguars fan as we revel in the excitement (and frequent dismay) each game presents.

Hopefully we get more excitement and less dismay against the Texans, but through the end of the season I’m going to enjoy it each and every minute.