Welcome to the Dez Bryant Show [gifs]


Dez Bryant dominated the game against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday across the pond. He put the game firmly in control for the Dallas Cowboys with two ridiculously strong, big catch and runs. We’ve highlighted them before, but we’ll highlight them again:

If that isn’t will breaking then I don’t know what is.

The Jacksonville Jaguars desperately need to bring down receivers like Bryant who are a threat whenever they get the ball in their hands.

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For a defense that is aiming toward becoming a strong, physical, competitive secondary this is inexcusable. Dez Bryant essentially looked at what Gus Bradley is trying to build and said, “Nah, I think I’ll do what I want.”

And the Jaguars let him.

Just in those two gifs we have six broken tackles from Bryant. The Jaguars cannot afford to let receivers do that. They need to stick on their player and if the receiver makes the catch then they need to plant him immediately.

Obviously that didn’t happen on Sunday.

While Tony Romo, DeMarco Murray, and the offensive line of the Dallas Cowboys deserve their nods, this game was a blowout because of one man and that man is Dez Bryant. This was his show throughout the game and he put up highlights throughout.

Bryant finished the game with two touchdowns and 158 yards off just six receptions. That’s good for 26.8 yards per reception.

The Jacksonville secondary has been a mess so far this season and with injuries and inconsistent play it looks like that may continue. The team will have to seriously evaluate the unit (especially against strong, physical receivers and over the top) during the upcoming bye week. It will be difficult for them to be successful if they can’t stop receivers from taking over games. It was disappointing watching the secondary fail to make stops on Sunday. We can only hope they improve in the coming weeks.