Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Cleveland Browns: Keep Your Enemies Close – 5 Questions with Dawg Pound Daily


The Jacksonville Jaguars host the Cleveland Browns this weekend, and they are facing a significantly different team compared to what they saw in their 32-28 victory last year. The Browns are 3-2, coming off an emphatic victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers, and their two losses were by a combined 5 points.

The Jaguars have a tough task ahead of them on Sunday, so we enlisted the help of Jared Mueller over at Dawg Pound Daily to get some more information on the Jaguars’ next opponent. You can check out my answers to his questions through this link. Here’s what Jared had to say:

1. The main talking point about the Browns this offseason was Johnny Manziel, but he’s an afterthought now. Just how good has Brian Hoyer been this season?

"Hoyer has been crisp in his decision making and has generally kept the Browns from any big problems on the field. His one turnover has really helped limit damaging situations. Hoyer is far from perfect but everything seems purposeful. He will over/under throw receivers on occasion but most of his passes are right on the mark. He has also been calling audibles at the line of scrimmage to keep the team in the best play possible."

2. The Browns lost a huge part of their offense with Josh Gordon being suspended. Who has been Hoyer’s go-to receiver in Gordon’s absence?

"Andrew Hawkins is the most targeted and favorite receiver for Hoyer. Hoyer likes to take his drop and the release the ball. Hawkins amazing release moves means he is often open on his break and Hoyer can deliver it in stride. A video that will scare Jags fans:"

"When he needs a big play Jordan Cameron, relatively healthy right now, is the guy while Miles Austin has made some big catches in clutch situations. Hoyer has really spread the ball around to a bunch of guys, which has helped the offense stay unpredictable."

3. Mike Pettine came to Cleveland mainly on the merits of his defensive coaching. Has the defense improved from last year?

"The defense is showing signs of improvement. They have instituted a whole new system with a bunch of new players. Because of the system the defensive backs have struggled but last week Joe Haden started to look like his old self. Pettine’s defense is one that wants to control the opposing offense and try to decide for them what they are doing. Running QBs have given them some trouble, which Blake Bortles could really exploit."

4. Is there a rookie on the Browns the Jaguars should keep an eye on this Sunday?

"Keen observers want to watch our left guard Joel Bitonio. The man has been an amazing second round addition for the team. The two others are Isaiah Crowell, who runs with passion and recklessness (including ball security issues) and Christian Kirksey who plays inside linebacker and flies to the ball all over the field."

5. What’s your prediction for the game?

"I think the Browns try to force the Jags to beat them in the air but that Bortles causes a ton of problems with his feet. A 24 – 17 game sounds just about right."