Are The Jacksonville Jaguars Getting Better? By the Numbers

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0-4 with the league’s worst defense feels pretty terrible. It’s an indication that the Jacksonville Jaguars have taken a major step backward in Gus Bradley’s second year as head coach of the team. Through the quarter point of the season we finally have enough data to really take a look and see if the Jaguars are a whole lot worse or maybe they are simply not keeping pace.

Jay Clemons at FOX Sports had a curious note in his recent article:

"The 2013 Jaguars were absolutely wretched in the first half of last season, incurring eight straight defeats by double-digit points. Of equal (ir)relevance, Jacksonville tallied only 86 points in the first eight games. Spinning forward a year … the 2014 Titans, despite a healthy cast of rushing and receiving playmakers, are averaging only 15 points. And the Raiders — now without deposed head coach Dennis Allen — haven’t cracked the 15-point barrier in any of their four losses."

It took the 2013 Jaguars until week five to hit 20 points offensively but it only took two weeks before they put together at least 15 points (week three against the Seattle Seahawks with 17 points). In the next two pages we’ll take it by offense and defense through Bradley’s first and second years with the team and how the Jaguars have done in comparison. The numbers (from Pro Football Reference) should give us a better perspective on how to judge the Jaguars so far in the 2014 season and analyze the current state of the Jaguars.


2013: 0-4

2014: 0-4