Ace Sanders, Jacksonville Jaguars Fantasy Value Pick


Ace Sanders is coming back to the Jacksonville Jaguars after finishing a four game suspension to start the year. The second-year receiver looks to have an immediate impact in the passing game and probably in the return game as well, making him a potential fantasy player to pick up, especially if you’re in need of a wide receiver.

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Sanders received the second most targets of any Jaguars receiver last season, accumulating a hefty 87 targets through 15 games. He also accumulated the second most yards on the team, good for 484 yards, but only one score.

In year two, Sanders will hope to build on that rookie season success. A fourth round selection in the 2013 draft, Sanders has the potential to be the shifty receiver the Jaguars need as a safety valve for rookie quarterback Blake Bortles and also as a dynamic threat who can be especially dangerous in space. While he hardly sniffed the end zone in 2013, you can expect Sanders to make more plays to get in during his time with the Jaguars in 2014. This is due in part because he will be the more reliable veteran receiving presence for the Jaguars.

Sure, the Jaguars aren’t a very high scoring team, but as Sanders comes back and Bortles continues to grow in his new starting role, you can expect the Jaguars to put bigger numbers up on the scoreboard.

While Sanders isn’t expected to come in and start right away (Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns are playing quite well right now) you can definitely expect to see him get a lot of looks on three or four receiver sets and maybe come in for special packages that require his more dynamic skill set. A lot of that will depend on the ability of Bortles to wrap his head around some less-vanilla offensive packages. The Pittsburgh game will give a good amount of insight into how much he can learn and master in a week.

Expect Sanders to have a smaller fantasy impact in his first week back, but don’t be surprised if he flashes a bit during the game. He could have a big role in the upcoming game. He is worth picking up if you’re in need of a receiver and he’s a player you definitely need to keep an eye on even if you aren’t in a very deep league.