Jacksonville Jaguars vs San Diego Chargers, Pass Rush is Key


The Jacksonville Jaguars have done a decent job getting to opposing quarterbacks so far this season. The San Diego Chargers will likely have a limited rushing attack due to injuries and the defensive line will have to jump on that opportunity to disrupt any sort of rhythm Philip Rivers may settle into against a porous defensive secondary. Three Jaguars (Sen’Derrick Marks, Ryan Davis, and Andre Branch) have more than one sack credited to them and they will have to build on that to help out the secondary that is being eaten up by opposing quarterbacks.

Philip Rivers is good enough to decimate the Jaguars through the holes they’ve left open to quarterbacks over the past three games. He is the biggest threat that the secondary has had to face so far this season and they will need the pass rush to help them out. Without the ability to disrupt Rivers, this game may become more of a pitch and catch session than the New York Giants’ blowout of the Washington Redskins.

I expected Davis and company to help take care of business against the Indianapolis Colts last week but I was proven wrong. Andrew Luck was lofting passes as if there was no pressure around him pretty much all game. While it wasn’t all bad, the defensive line obviously wasn’t doing enough to disrupt Luck and help out the beleaguered secondary. Part of that was because the Colts offense was able to move the ball on the ground more effectively than in games past. Without as much of a threat on the ground from the Chargers, the defensive line should be able to key in on the passing game.

Obviously the secondary will have to step up as well. It’s unfair for the defense to rely purely on one unit. However, the secondary simply hasn’t shown that ‘spark’ that shows they can contest passes on a consistent basis. I fear the entire game will have to hinge on the pass rush as a result. Unless Blake Bortles can turn this into a shootout, of course.