Ryan Davis, Jaguars’ D-Line Could Have Big Day Against Colts


One of the few bright spots for the Jacksonville Jaguars has been defensive lineman Ryan Davis. Ryan Davis has been with the Jags since 2012 but has finally become a force along the defensive line in his third year. While the team continues to give up big play after big play and the blame deserves to be passed around to everyone, the defensive line may be able to build on an already solid six-sack season against the Indianapolis Colts. Davis’ two QB hits and two sacks should increase.

The Colts offensive line isn’t an impregnable wall, but it isn’t a doormat either. Quarterback Andrew Luck has only been brought down three times so far this season, but has been hit nine times by the opposition, including three from the rather poor Philadelphia Eagles’ defense. They should have all of their starters for the game against the Jaguars, but they haven’t proven themselves to be an elite unit.

The defensive line for the Jaguars are one unit that could very easily elevate the play of everyone else on the defense. If the defensive line gets pressure and penetration then the secondary’s job becomes a whole heck of a lot easier. It also takes some strain off of the linebackers who are currently reacting more than proactively breaking down opposing offenses’ schemes and plays. If Davis and company can get to Luck a few times early in the game then they may be able to play the game on their terms, much like how they were dictating the game early against the Eagles in week one.

I can see the Jags’ defensive line rising to the occasion in this divisional matchup. Teams have a lot more passion in these games and the defense is desperate to show that the 75 points they’ve allowed the opposition to post were a fluke and that they are a stronger unit than they have appeared thus far. I think that the pass rushers and defensive tackles will be able to prove that they can still hit a second level and improve the defense as a whole. This is the unit that was focused on most in the offseason and it’s looked formidable at times during the season.

In week three, expect them to put it all together.