Tell It Like It Is: Jacksonville Jaguars Worst on Team’s Own Website


Ouch. The truth hurts and there’s nothing worse than pouring salt on your wounds. Senior Writer John Oehser is nothing if not honest. In his weekly Jacksonville Jaguars Power Rankings, Oehser openly puts the Jaguars at the bottom of the 32 teams. Admittedly there is a disclaimer of “we all know how important these are” but the faith in the team is a bit…lacking and it’s coming from the HQ, folks. All Oehser could say was “yeah, well…” about the Jags.

Honestly, we’re kind of right there with you, John.

The commenters agreed, including this one from user “Brain”

"The Jaguars look like the #32 team, thank you for not sugar coating the truth John O.; because the fans are tired of the spin. Before the season started I thought we had a chance to sneak a win at Philly against the Redskins. Now looking at the schedule, the only team that looks favorable is the Titans game. The San Diego game on the road looks tough. We could easily be 0-4 in a couple of weeks until we see improvement."

The Jaguars are in a pretty rough spot right now and the rest of the league and media know it. The opponents are exploiting the Jags’ weaknesses on the field and the media have very little positive to talk about the Jaguars (How about Marcedes Lewis….oh wait, he’s injured).

We’ll have to see how head coach Gus Bradley responds to having some talent deficiencies, especially on the offensive line. Offensive Coordinator Jedd Fisch will have to be incredibly creative to compensate for bad line play, even with the thin roster. A lot of fans seem disappointed in Bradley and GM Dave Caldwell, but if year two is this tough and things are definitely still in rebuilding mode then their ability to face the tough times and (hopefully) put together a few wins should be noted.

But for now, we’re definitely playing like the worst team in the league.