Jacksonville Jaguars Web Roundup – The Internet Says Start Bortles


The Jacksonville Jaguars faced off against the Chicago Bears on Thursday night to open up week 2 of the preseason, and there are plenty of hot takes around the web because they were the only 2 teams playing last night. A lot of the talk is unsurprisingly centered on first round pick Blake Bortles, and the sentiment is almost unanimous – start the kid!

Here are some of the articles around the web calling for the Jaguars to start Bortles over Chad Henne.

Big Cat Country – Alfie Crow: Blake Bortles should start for the Jaguars sooner, not later

"When you watch both quarterbacks play, there is one big thing that has consistently stood out to me. You remember Chad Henne’s incomplete passes, because he’s usually missing badly. Someone will be running wide open and he just can’t get the football there accurately for whatever reason. With Bortles, outside of bad drops, I can’t remember why his passes are incomplete. Call it confirmation bias if you want to, but it’s something that continues to stick out to me."

Pro Football Talk – Micahel David Smith: Bortles may make it tough for Jaguars to keep him on the bench

"The plan all along has been for Jaguars first-round draft pick Blake Bortles to spend his rookie season on the bench, learning the NFL game while Chad Henne starts at quarterback in Jacksonville. But Bortles is making it tough for the Jaguars’ coaching staff to stick to that plan."

Pro Football Focus – Ben Stockwell: ReFo: Jaguars @ Bears, Preseason Week 2

"The popular theory on Jacksonville’s plan under center is to have Blake Bortles sit and learn behind Chad Henne, entering the starting lineup when ready later in the season. After building on his impressive preseason bow, that date might be moving forward."

CBS Sports – Will Brinson: Blake Bortles making Jaguars QB decision tough

"It was against the second- and third-team defenders for the Bears, but there was no question Blake Bortles looked the part of a viable NFL quarterback on Thursday night in Chicago.Lots of other dudes have stepped onto the field for preseason and looked good too, so it’s no guarantee Bortles is the answer in Jacksonville. But there were a couple moments where the No. 3 overall pick absolutely popped."

NFL.com Around the League – Chris Wesseling: Blake Bortles forcing Jacksonville Jaguars’ hand

"If the Jacksonville Jaguars’ brass are bluffing about starting bridge quarterback Chad Henne for the entire 2014 season, rookie Blake Bortles is forcing their hand.Playing like an evolutionary Ben Roethlisberger, Bortles impressed for the second consecutive week, showing pocket poise, command of the offense, ideal size, mobility and a cannon arm that allows him to make even the toughest NFL throws."

– Daniel Lago