The Jacksonville Jaguars Draft History and Comments : 2007 NFL Draft Pt. 1


Former Jacksonville Jaguar free safety Reggie Nelson (20) : Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

In the 21st article in “The Jacksonville Jaguars Draft History and Comments” series, we will continue to review a particular Jaguar draft class, until we have reviewed all 19 of their drafts. Today we will review the 2007 draft. We have previously examined:

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The Jaguars returned to normalcy with an 8-8 record and no playoffs.  This earned the Jags the 18th pick. The Jags were very busy though with 11 draft picks. I will go over each selection and say something concerning the player, if deserving. I will also bring up any missed opportunity where the Jags, with hindsight on my side, could have made a better selection. I will also bring up anything interesting related to the draft…Jaguar or not.

Round One/Pick #21 – Reggie Nelson , S, Florida – The Jaguars traded down three spots with the Broncos. They got a third and a sixth rounder in return. In this spot, they took the former Gator coming off a national championship. Considering he played three years with the Jags and only put up serviceable stats, this would have to be looked upon as a bust pick. If not, then at least a very bad reach. He was traded to to Bengals before the 2010 season and is still playing just well enough to keep his job. Would I have picked differently? – No doubt. LB Jon Beason and his three Pro Bowl appearances was selected four picks later.

Other round one info – Two QBs were selected in round one. Both were busts. There were 14 eventual Pro Bowlers selected. 17 defensive players went against 15 offensive. The number one selection, QB JaMarcus Russell was one of the biggest busts in NFL history. He also introduced a lot of us to the ultimate perils of “Purple Drank”. On a better note, the seventh selection by the Vikings is arguably the best running back in the NFL, Adrian Peterson.

 Round Two/Pick #48 – Justin Durant, LB, Hampton – Very similar to Nelson. Played four years for the Jags. Put up decent numbers but not worthy of a second round selection. Has continued on in the league and is currently under contract with the Cowboys. Would I have picked differently? – Absolutely. There were actually four WRs selected that would have been better than what we had. Steve Smith (#51), Jacoby Jones (#73), Laurent Robinson (#75), & James Jones (#78).

Other round two info – Three QB’s in round two. All have been busts or extreme underachievers. Seven players drafted went to Pro Bowls. The picks were even between offense and defense. The Rams selected a FB at # 52. Current Jaguar Pro Bowl MLB Paul Posluszny was selected #34 by the Bills. I can’t move on without discussing the ridiculous Kevin Kolb, QB selected #36 by the Eagles. Currently a free agent, he has been in the league seven years with three different teams. His career numbers? 59.5 completion rate, 5,206 yds,  78.9 QB rating,  25 INTs, & only 28 TDS. Why should you care? Because of unusual circumstances and being available at the right times, Kolb has earned over $47 MILLION DOLLARS IN HIS CAREER. He just might be my hero!

Round Three/Pick #79 – Mike Sims-Walker, WR, Central Florida – The Jags took this Orlando native, who teamed with WR Brandon Marshall to bring the UCF program to national prominence. He lost his first year to injury but became a better than anticipated WR in his 3rd year. With one year left on his rookie contract, the Jags decided to play out the last year without an extension. It was a smart move because Sims-Walker’s play declined that year and he left the Jags as a free agent the next year. After an injured filled year with the Rams, he came back to Jacksonville on a one year contract and proceeded to get hurt again. He was last seen playing in the CFL. He was OK for a 3rd round WR, but just OK. The Jags traded their second 3rd round selection to the Ravens for their 4th, 5th, & 6th round picks. Would I have picked differently? – Yes I would have. DE Charles Johnson was selected four picks later by the Panthers. He is still playing and has 54 career sacks. That would have been nice.

Other round three info – Only one QB was selected (Trent Edwards #92) and was another underachiever. Two Pro Bowlers were selected. 19 offensive. 17 defensive. Between pick #73 to #80 there were were seven WRs selected. #73 selection, WR Jacoby Jones, Finished third on “Dancing With the Stars.”

Round Four/Pick #101 – Adam Podlesh , P, Maryland – The Jags seem to have a history of drafting special team specialist early in the draft. A fourth round pick for a punter seems extreme but Podlesh was a very good punter, especially at pinning teams within their 20. He played well for four years and then was offered a ridiculously high contract by the Bears. His loss was felt for a few years. He is still currently playing for the Steelers. Would I have picked differently? – The Jags pick again 11 picks later, so I think I’d stay with the punter.

Round Four/Pick #113 – Brian Smith – The first true misstep. They took a chance and drafted a player with a lingering injury. He never played an NFL down. BAD PICK! Would I have picked differently? – God I hope so! #126 S Dashon Goldson is a two time Pro Bowler, was voted one of the 100 best players in the league in 2013 and is still playing. That was easy!

Other round four info – One QB was selected and he’s not worth mentioning. Five Pro Bowl players were selected. Defense ruled this round with 20 picks, offense had 16, and 2 punters. The Giants selected LB Zak DeOssie with the #116 pick and he has gone to the Pro Bowl twice as a special teamer.

I will be back with the remaining selections made on  The Jacksonville Jaguars Draft History and Comments : 2007 NFL Draft Pt. 2.

Thanks for reading. Let me know if you have any comments.

Written by Michael McDonald.

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