Jacksonville Jaguars Preseason Week 2: Practice Updates


After a mostly successful first outing in the preseason against the Tamp Bay Buccaneers, the Jacksonville Jaguars look ahead to week 2 of exhibition games as they face the Chicago Bears. The first preseason games raised a lot of questions, especially with the offensive line, and the coaching staff needs to figure out how they want to deal with the center and guard positions.

Here are some of the notes from Twitter on Monday’s practice:

We got some updates on key players dealing with injuries, including starting running back Toby Gerhart.

The big takeaway early on from practice was the amount of shuffling done along the offensive line. Clearly the line play on the offensive side of the ball was a big concern from last Friday, and the coaching staff is doing what it can to find a solution.

Mike Brewster in particular is going to have improve drastically in practice and in the preseason games if he wants to hold onto the starting center gig.

The prevailing thought this camp has been that Denard Robinson is going to get a lot of reps in the running back rotation, especially with Toby Gerhart out. He seemed to be 3rd in the pecking order on Friday however, behind Jordan Todman and Storm Johnson.

After a good performance in his debut, Bortles struggled some in practice. The receiving corps also continued to be inconsistent.

– Daniel Lago