Jacksonville Jaguars 2014 Training Camp: Day 10 Twitter Recap


As the first preseason game looms in the horizon this Friday, the Jacksonville Jaguars continued their training camp practices on Tuesday. Here are some of the snippets from Twitter:

We got updates on several players statuses, including the return of Brandon Linder, who should be starting at right guard.

We also got some interesting notes on how the Jaguars plan to approach pass rushing situations…

And we are continuing to get great media from the Jaguars Twitter handle.

Also making fun of Gene Frenette will never not be hilarious.

Not a lot of first hand takes, but we did get some notes from the coaches on the young players.

And then of course there are the quarterbacks. Henne seemingly had a tough day, as did the receivers again with the drops.

Props to Alfie Crow over at Big Cat Country for some terrific coverage on Twitter.

– Daniel Lago